13th Canadian Scout Jamboree

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The Canadian Scout Jamboree 2017 will be from July 8–15, 2017 at Camp Nedooae in Nova Scotia.


There will be five main program types available to CJ’17 Participants: Land-Based Activities, Water Programs, STEM Activities, Off-Site Programs, and Unscheduled Adventures.

Official Mascot


The official mascot of the jamboree is Puffy the Puffin. Anna F. from the 13th Woodstock Scout Troop was the winner of the CJ’17 Mascot Contest. Her winning entry of ‘Puffy the Puffin’ was developed into the Puffy you see to the right.

Important attributes of Puffy include, their hometown is Puffin Island, Nova Scotia. They are 12 in puffin years, below to 1st Puffin Scout Group, their favourite foods include herring and they like swimming the most.

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