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[https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_170188723038784&ap=1/'''4th Kanata Alumni'''] are also welcome to join our FaceBook group
[https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_170188723038784&ap=1/'''4th Kanata Alumni'''] are also welcome to join our FaceBook group

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Welcome to the 4th Kanata Scouting Group Wiki page!
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We are a Scouting group located in the Hazeldean / Katimavik area of Kanata, Ontario, Canada; which is now a suburb of the amalgamated city of Ottawa, in the province of Ontario, Canada. We support a fully co-ed program, and currently have sections supporting Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, for a complete Scouting program.

4th Kanata falls under the jurisdiction of Carleton Area, which is part of Voyageur Council, which in turn is part of Scouts Canada. Below you will find information on Scouting in our area, how to contact us, group committee (the group responsible for 4th Kanata), our sections, and the history of Scouting in Hazeldean / Katimavik and Kanata.

Please choose from one of the following options;

Contact Information - for Scouting in Hazeldean / Katimavik area of Kanata
Our Sections - Beavers (Colony), Cubs (Pack), Scouts (Troop)
Registration - How to Register
Leader Training - Leadership training for Beavers (Colony), Cubs (Pack), Scouts (Troop)

Quick links to other Wiki pages;

Badges - Merit Badges and Requirements
Campfire Songs - Songs

Please visit our 4th Kanata Web Site to learn all about us!

4th Kanata Alumni are also welcome to join our FaceBook group