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65th Toronto Scout Group 65th-logo.jpg
Location Roncesvalles United Church

240 Roncesvalles Avenue Toronto, Ontario

Established The 18th of January, 1910
Sections Beavers, Cubs, Sea Scouts, Sea Venturers, Sea Rovers
Necker Colours Red
Contact 65thtoronto@gmail.com

The 65th Toronto (Earl of March's Own) Scout Group serves western Toronto neighbourhoods including Roncesvalles, Parkdale, and High Park. It is part of the Old Mill Area in the Greater Toronto Council.

There are currently five sections: Beavers, Cubs, Sea Scouts, Sea Venturers, & Sea Rovers. The group meets in Roncesvalles United Church at 240 Roncesvalles Avenue in West Toronto. .

The group was founded in 1910 as the 24th Toronto and is one of the oldest Scout Groups in Toronto.

The Scout Troop made a decision to become Sea Scouts in 2004.



The 65th Toronto Scout Group was founded on January 18th, 1910 with the name "24th Toronto Scout Troop" under Scoutmaster W. A. Campbell in High Park Presbyterian Church. In 1911, the new Scoutmaster Max Kirkwood acted as an Assistant Scoutmaster with the Ontario Scout Contingent to the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary. Whilst overseas, he met the Earl of March, Charles Gordon-Lennox, who was very involved in Scouting in England. The Earl of March agreed to lend his patronage to the Troop and sent two flags, a Union Flag and a flag with his emblem which were dedicated on October 27th, 1912. From that point on they would be rename "24th Toronto 'Earl of March's Own' Scout Troop". They celebrated their 10th Anniversary in 1029 and at least one of their patrols was associated with the nearby St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church. The Group changed its name for unknown reasons in late 1922 and was rechartered as the 65th Toronto Scout Group in April 1923. By the late 1920s the Group was running with a Scout Troop and a Cub Pack, the earliest known Rovers would not come around until 1961 and last for only three years before being revived over half a century later. In its early years, the 65th Toronto often took part in District and Divisional events and often finished as one of the top Groups in intertroop competitions. In 2000, the Scout Troop was left without a Scouter and was forced to shut down, four years later it was revived under a new Scouter, after consultation with the youth, it was decided to focus on Sea Scouting. In 2010 a Sea Venturer Company was formed and the Rovers were revived as a Sea Rover Crew in 2014, 51 years after the original Crew had been formed. In 2021, the Duke of Richmond and his son, who uses the Earl of March as a courtesy title, agreed to permit the 65th Toronto to resume use of the title granted in 1911.

Notable Members

William Andrew Campbell - First Scoutmaster

Wilfred Maclean Campbell - The only known member of the founding Scouts.

Maclean "Max" Kirkwood - Second Scoutmaster, attended 1911 coronation and received patronage of Earl of March

John "Jack" King Jr, Scouter - 1920s-30s (Later Parkdale Division Group Leader and Parkdale District Commissioner)

Robert F. “Bud” Meredith, Scout - 1920s-30s (Later District Commissioner for St Catherine’s and Area, over 75 years of service)

Captain Frederick F. Slocombe MBE, Group Committee Member (Appointed a member of the Order of the British Empire for his service with the Merchant Navy whilst serving on the Group Committee)

Francis Clinton Croswell, Scouter and Group Committee Chair - 1950s-60s (Later Regional Commissioner for Greater Toronto Region and Deputy Provincial Commissioner, recipient of the Medal of the Maple)

Group Chairs/Commissioners

1942 - Fred Hoskin

1944-1956 - George Allen Fell

1965- Francis Clinton Croswell

1967 - Jim Jarvis

1968-1973 - James Lambie

1973-1977 - Garfield Wilson

1977 - Dietrich Pankatz

1979-1983 - Jack Robertson

1989-1997 - Donald Gill

1997 - Michael Manley

2002 - Bruce Schwartzentruber

2003-2005 - Fred Kuglin

2005 - Ms Anne Serazin

2005-2007 - Mr Gerald Beirne

2008-2010 - Mr Scott Christie

2012-2014 - Mr Patrick Parent

2013-2015 - Ms Leigh Meadows

2016 - No Group Commissioner

2017 - Spencer Julien

2017-Present - Patrick Sherlock

Notable Events

1949 - The First Canadian Jamboree

1953 - The Second Canadian Jamboree

1955 - The Eighth World Jamboree

2017 - The Thirteenth Canadian Jamboree

Groups Which Merged into the 65th

  • 55th Toronto Scout Group, Fern Avenue Public School (January 1951)
  • 121st Toronto Scout Group, Howard Park United Church (November 1969)


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