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We in Scouts Canada (SC) are infamous for our acronym usage - from our national committees and task forces to our local representatives, everything and everyone can have a shortened title.

For a more complete list please see Category:Acronyms.

Commonly Used Acronyms

The most commonly used acronym in Scouting worldwide (represented by WOSM) is B-P which refers to Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell, the founder of the Scouting movement. This should not be confused with BP&P which are the rules governing Scouting in Canada.

For members and parents some of the acronyms you will likely encounter are such things as GC for Group Committees which run your local group and PRC which stands for Police Records Check, a procedure that all Scouters will encounter on first applying for a leadership position and every three years thereafter.

The full list can seem daunting but do not be afraid to ask someone to slow down and explain an acronym in conversation. It may be easy to understand for someone who has been around for a while, but any good Scout will want to ensure you understand what they are talking about.