Activity-Cub First Aid Survival Kit

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Turn a dollar store survival kit into a Cub First Aid / Survival Kit!

Start with an inexpensive survival kit, like the O2 Cool Kid's Survival Kit, which has many of the items listed on Media:TheCubBook086-88-EmergencyKit.PDF pages 86-88 of The Cub Book for a Cub First Aid / Survival Kit.


Put your name on the kit, fill in the ID card, then add the items listed in Media:TheCubBook086-88-EmergencyKit.PDF The Cub Book p. 86-88 (parental permission needed for the knife and matches)...


Then zip it up! Be sure to bring it along to all hikes and camps!


Use Media:A_Cub_First_Aid_Survival_Kit.pdf this checklist to ensure the Cubs complete their kits properly.

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