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'''Amory Adventure Award'''
'''Amory Adventure Award'''  
The Amory Award is given annually to the company which displays the most initiative in conceiving, planning and executing an outdoor adventure activity.
The Amory Award is given annually to the company which displays the most initiative in conceiving, planning and executing an outdoor adventure activity.

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Amory Adventure Award

The Amory Award is given annually to the company which displays the most initiative in conceiving, planning and executing an outdoor adventure activity.

This award was first presented by the Rt. Hon. Viscount Amory, GCMG, one-time British High Commissioner to Canada. The award plaque has a reproduction of Jacques Cartier’s ship Grande Hermine and the Canadian space satellite Allouette mounted on it.


The competition is open to all registered Venturer Scout companies. Dates of Competition

Activities must take place before October 31 of the award year. Logs must be postmarked no later than October 31 to be considered. Handbooks


1. Adults

Persons 18 years and over may not take part in planning, preparing or executing the activity, but may be consulted by the Venturer Scouts. They may accompany the team during its activity only:

   When the law demands (e.g. to drive a vehicle, enter restricted areas, etc.);
   As an instructor or supervisor if learning a skill is required for the activity; or
   When safety demands it.
   In such cases, these persons must limit their participation to their specific function.

2. Duration

The adventure activity must last a minimum of 4 days, of which at least 84 hours must be consecutive.

3. Logs

Each company will submit an illustrated log prepared by the participants unaided by adults. The log will:

   State the company number and/or name, the advisor’s name and address, and the name, age and address of each Venturer;
   State the purpose of the activity;
   Indicate how and why the activity was chosen;
   Record details of planning and preparation, including roles played by each participant;
   Provide a day-by-day account of the activity.

The daily account should:

   Give a description of the route;
   Report the type of country, terrain, bush, waterways, hiking trails, flowers, bird and animal life;
   Describe features of historical interest, monuments, battlefields, ruins, historical routes;
   Describe human life, industrial and agricultural development, local crafts, and
   Be illustrated with photographs, sketch maps, sketches, and leaf specimens.

While the competition rules require that the adventure activity log represent the unaided work of the team, Venturer Scouts should seek advice and gain prior experience in log-keeping.

Entry logs should be sent to:

Amory Adventure Award Scouts Canada 1345 Baseline Road Ottawa, ON K2C 0A7

Or email a .pdf version of your log to Associate Program Director David Burtt at: dburtt@scouts.ca.

4. Judging

Judges are appointed annually by the National Commissioner, and their decision is final. The judges base their evaluation of the activity on the logs submitted. They assess the activities for:

   Initiative in the choice of activity;
   Effort during preparation and execution of the activity;
   Achievement of purpose; and
   Quality of the log.

5. Return of logs

Under normal circumstances the logs entered into this competition will be returned. However, Scouts Canada reserves the right to keep them once they are submitted in competition.

All Venturer Scouts who take part in an Amory Award expedition (whether or not they are members of the winning company) receive a participation badge to wear on the uniform. The first-place company’s name is recorded on the Amory Adventure Trophy, which the company may keep for nine months.

Companies that place first, second and third each receive a trophy of their own to keep.

Past Winners

  • 1965: 5th Burnaby Venturer Company
  • 1966: 1st Burnaby Venturer Company
  • 1967: 26th (Cornwall) St. Matthews Venturer Company
  • 1968: 4th Ancaster Venturer Company
  • 1969: 5th Garry Oak Venturer Company
  • 1970: 1st Brantford Venturer Company
  • 1971: 5th Garry Oak Venturer Company
  • 1972: 5th Burnaby Burrard Venturer Company
  • 1973: 5th Burnaby Burrard Venturer Company
  • 1974: 29th St. Helen's Venturer Company
  • 1975: 2nd Burnaby Mountain Venturer Company
  • 1976: 48th (St. James) Kitsilano Venturer Company
  • 1977: 1st Georgetown Venturer Company
  • 1978: 10th Fort George Venturer Company
  • 1979: 10th and 10th Toronto Venturer Companies
  • 1980: 10th Burnaby Venturer Company
  • 1981: 3rd West Vancouver Venturer Company
  • 1982: 4th and 7th West Vancouver Venturer Company
  • 1983: 3rd West Vancouver Venturer Company
  • 1984: 10th Richmond Venturer Company
  • 1985: 21st Regina Venturer Company
  • 1986: 2nd Calgary Venturer Company
  • 1987: 1st Deep River Venturer Company
  • 1988: 3rd Petawawa Venturer Company
  • 1989: 83rd Calgary Venturer Company
  • 1990: 83rd Calgary Venturer Company
  • 1991: 144th Lake Bonavista Venturer Company
  • 1992: 17th Ottawa Venturer Company
  • 1993: 34th Dunbar / Point Grey Venturer Company
  • 1994: 31st Saint Cyprians Venturer Company
  • 1995: 1st Thunder Bay Venturer Company
  • 1996: 83rd Calgary Venturer Company
  • 1997: 144th Lake Bonavista Venturer Company
  • 1998: 10th Whitby Venturer Company
  • 1999: 13th Hamilton Venturer Company
  • 2000: 1st Southdale Venturer Company
  • 2001: 1st Port Moody Venturer Company
  • 2002: 1st Whitecourt Venturer Company
  • 2003: 1st Morinville Venturer Company
  • 2004: 10th Garry Oak Venturer Company
  • 2005: 9th Trafalgar Venturer Company
  • 2006: 21st Oshawa Venturer Company
  • 2007: 148th Oakridge Venturer Company
  • 2008: 1st Kanata Venturer Company
  • 2009: 1st Port Moody Venturer Company
  • 2010: 1st Gondola Point Venturer Company
  • 2011: 31st Burlington Venturer Company
  • 2012: 43rd Winnipeg Chinese Venturer Company
  • 2013: 31st Burlington Venturer Company
  • 2014: 26th St. Peter's Venturer Company
  • 2015: 4th Trafalgar Venturer Company
  • 2016: 1st Westfield Venturer Company
  • 2017: 123rd Ottawa Venturer Company
  • 2018: Oshawa Area Venturer Company

The 1st Gondola Point Venturer Company (from Quispamsis, New Brunswick) was the first Company east of Ontario to win the Amory Adventure Award.