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Andrew is currently the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Scouts Canada as of April, 2014. Prior to this role, Andrew started his term as Chief Commissioner and Chair of the Board of Governors in November 2012. Andrew donned a blue and brown hat at age 5 and hasn’t looked back since. His educational pursuits have given him the opportunity to expand his Scouting horizons to include New Zealand, Spain, and Scotland. Andrew has been a Deputy Area Commissioner in Ontario, a Deputy Council Commissioner in BC, an Area Commissioner in Alberta, and was, most recently, Deputy National Commissioner for Volunteer Services. Andrew is passionate about bringing the spirit of Scouting to programs and has always believed that this is best achieved by supporting Scouters with quality training, in-person coaching, and timely recognition. Professionally, Andrew has spent the last nine years supporting Imperial Oil’s retail and refining businesses. He currently resides in Calgary with his wife Brenda and his dog Kayleigh.

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