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Apple Day is fundraising event in which Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Scouts receive donations from the public and present an apple in appreciation. Groups can canvas neighbourhood stores, door-to-door and other traveled areas.

It is a good idea to practice an apple script the meeting before Apple Day. We usually take the approach of offering passerby an apple, and then following that up with a request for a donation.



  • Remind Youth to speak clearly and make eye contact
  • The event is a fundraiser, but it is also a way to make scouting visible in the community
  • Smile!
  • Say a big "THANK YOU" for their support

This is a bit of a difficult concept to understand, but we are not selling apples. They are a thank-you for supporting Scouting. Be prepared to answer the question "How much are the apples?" with "They are a thank you for supporting Scouting, there is no set price.".

Sample selling script

Youth: Hello would you like an apple?
Random passerby: Why yes I would! Thank you!
Youth: Would you like to make a donation to support INSERT NAME OF SCOUT GROUP?
Random passerby: Sure!
Money and Apples are exchanged.
Youth: Thank you!

Shorter selling script

Youth: Hello, would you to support Scouting?
Random passerby: Sure!
Youth: Thank you, please have an apple.
Money and Apples are exchanged.