Aquatic Skills Stage 2

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Aquatic Skills - Stage 2 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I can swim with my head in the water.
    • Scouts can demonstrate this skill under the supervision of a lifeguard.
  2. I can swim 10 metres (any stroke) without assistance.
    • Scouts (under the supervision of a lifeguard) can demonstrate their ability to swim with their head in the water.
  3. I know how to put on a PFD by myself.
    • Scouts can correctly put on a PFD and float test it.
    • For purposes of comfort, warmer water (such as a swimming pool) is ideal for this demonstration.
  4. I know how snorkel gear works.
    • Scouts can explain how snorkeling equipment (snorkel, snorkel vest, wetsuit, fins) works and when a wetsuit may be necessary.
  5. I have snorkeled in a pool or open water (such as a lake).
    • Dive shops are able to provide equipment and support this activity with professional instruction if desired.