Aquatic Skills Stage 3

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Aquatic Skills - Stage 3 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I can explain common water safety risks and how to avoid them.
    • Scouts can explain common risks, such as drowning, hypothermia and sunburn.
    • Scouts can explain common solutions for risks such as a buddy system, wearing exposure protection and staying out of the water in cold conditions.
  2. I can use a snorkel and adjust my mask to fit comfortably.
    • Scouts can demonstrate the “stay on face” test to confirm if a mask fits correctly.
    • Scouts can clear a snorkel partially flooded with water.
  3. I know how to remove a cramp in my leg with a buddy’s help.
    • Scouts can demonstrate cramp removal by pulling the fin tip towards themselves, either on themselves or on a buddy.
  4. I can put on a PFD while in the water and use the HELP and Huddle positions.
    • Scout can demonstrate the HELP survival position with the legs tucked in and in a huddle.
  5. I can swim 25 metres in a pool (using any stroke).
    • Scouts can demonstrate they are capable of moving in the water.
  6. I can recognize the signs of a panicked snorkeler/diver and know how to call for help.
    • Scouts can identify someone wildly fl apping his or her arms and gasping for air as somebody who is in distress.
    • Calling for help can be something as simple as yelling to attract attention or calling 911 on a telephone.