Aquatic Skills Stage 4

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Aquatic Skills - Stage 4 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I have achieved one of the following: Aquaquest Stage 6, YMCA Swimmer Level, Red Cross Swim Kids Stage 5, or I can demonstrate equivalent skills.
    • Scouts can provide proof of external qualification or demonstrate comparable skills to a qualified individual.
  2. I can free dive with snorkel and mask to # metres and fetch an item from the bottom, and clear my snorkel upon surfacing—without lifting my head out of the water.
    • Scouts can fetch the object without a time limit.
  3. I can explain the hazards of shallow water blackout.
    • Scouts can explain what shallow water blackout is and the steps that can be taken to prevent it.
  4. I know what gear is necessary for a water-based snorkel Adventure, including protective clothing, masks and sunscreen.
    • Scouts can describe the equipment and why it is required.
  5. I know how to select a safe place to snorkel.
    • Scouts can describe what make a snorkel site safe: it is away from boat traffic, swells, surge, marine hazards, etc.
  6. I have snorkeled in open water and observed at least one marine/aquatic creature.
    • Scouts have been out for at least a half-day snorkel Adventure.
  7. I know why ear equalization is necessary when snorkelling/diving at depth.
    • Scouts can describe why it is important to know how to equalize.