Aquatic Skills Stage 6

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Aquatic Skills - Stage 6 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I have completed at least Emergency First Aid, or an equivalent course.
    • Scouts are to use a recognized provider for this course.
  2. I have completed the Open Water Diver Certification.
    • Scouts are to use a recognized provider for this certification.
  3. I have gone for two additional dives after the Open Water Diver certification dive.
    • Scouts are to dive under the supervision of an experienced adult diver and as per their certification level.
  4. I have talked with a younger Section about my diving experience.
    • Scouts have met with younger non-certified Scouts and spoken to them about my diving experience and how they can become certified.
  5. I have assisted with Scouts (who are at Stage 3 or 4) learning to snorkel in open water.
    • Scouts are to assist in this teaching under direct adult qualified dive instructor supervision.