Aquatic Skills Stage 7

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Aquatic Skills - Stage 7 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I have logged at least five open water dives and assisted in the planning.
    • Diving with an outside organization (dive club, dive shop, etc.) is also acceptable for this requirement.
  2. I can navigate with a compass underwater and understand the specific challenges of underwater navigation (currents, lack of landmarks, etc.).
    • Scouts are to meet this requirement in accordance with their level of dive certification.
  3. I have participated in a marine environmental service project, cleaning up a water body.
    • Scouts can achieve this requirement with an outside organization, such as a dive club, dive shop, etc.
  4. I have two of the following experiences:
    • I can shoot an underwater photo/video and understand the impacts of water on light
    • I have either found or placed an underwater geocache
    • I have used a dry suit (in cooler waters)
    • I have performed basic repairs on my gear (replacing a mouthpiece with a spare etc.)
    • I have taken part in a non-penetration wreck dive or any other specialty dive course
    • I have helped a younger Scout at Stage 4 or 5 learn how to...(Scout’s Choice)
    • Scouts can achieve this requirement with a non-Scouts organization, such as a dive club, dive shop, etc.