Aquatic Skills Stage 9

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Aquatic Skills - Stage 9 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I have organized a dive trip for a Rover Crew.
    • Scouts will be involved in securing rental equipment, checking for restrictions on the dive site and ensuring the dive site’s suitability for the skill stage of all involved.
  2. I have completed a Rescue Diver certification course or have learned and mastered the curriculum to demonstrate the equivalent skills.
    • Scouts demonstrating this skill are to do so under an adult qualified Rescue Diver instructor direct supervision.
  3. I have assisted Scouts at Stage 6 or 7 with learning dive navigation or other advanced dive skills.
    • Scouts are to assist in this teaching under direct adult qualified dive instructor supervision.
  4. I have completed one of the following dives: >
    • A “deep dive” to more than 80 feet/24.36m
    • An altitude dive
    • A dive on nitrox
    • A DPV dive
    • A search and recovery dive
    • Scouts are to meet this requirement under direct adult qualified dive instructor supervision and as per the Scout’s dive certification.