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[[Media:AYC_Job_Description.pdf| AYC Job Description]], [[Media:Youth_Commissioner_Toolkit_V2.pdf| Youth Commissioner Toolkit ]]
[[Media:AYC_Job_Description.pdf| AYC Job Description]], [http://scouts.ca/youthcommissionertoolkit Youth Commissioner Toolkit ]

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Introduction to Role

A key member of the Area Service Team that represents and engages youth in their Area of the Council. A member of the Area Key 3 serving as the Youth Voice within the Area Service Team. Each Youth Commissoner who serves in the position has the option to serve 3 one year terms. On top of representing their area in the Council Youth Network, They also serve as the chair of the (if Active) Area Youth Network.

Major Role

The major role of an Area Youth Commissioner (AYC) is to ensure meaningful youth involvement within the Area and to promote & facilitate youth initiatives. This is achieved through active communication between the National Youth Network (NYN), Council and Area Service Teams, and the groups that run Scouts Canada programs.

The AYC is accountable to the Council Youth Commissioner.

Get Involved

If you're interested in this role, check out our Youth Opportunities page for more information.


AYC Job Description, Youth Commissioner Toolkit