Basic Wood Badge

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Basic Wood Badge Outcomes

When they complete the Basic program, leaders gain the knowledge and understanding they need to help them make a personal commitment to Scouts Canada's Mission and Principles, and share their skills and enthusiasm with their youth members.

They develop skills and knowledge about the characteristics, learning and social needs of various age groups, allowing them to deliver fun, adventurous and educational programs tailored to different ages and skill levels.

Leaders also develop an understanding of risk management and various types of hazards to help them provide the safest possible environment for youth. They develop skills and knowledge in recognizing signs of child abuse, understanding techniques used to receive reports from their youth and knowing what action to take.

Learning to share leadership and find vital community resources are important goals of the Basic program. Leaders interact with parents, outside facilities and organizations, and learn where to go for the materials they need. Scouting is a youth organization, and our training programs teach leaders to encourage youth to get involved in planning their own programs. Scouting is all about the outdoors. Leaders completing the Basic program develop excellent outdoor skills and knowledge, helping them to teach youth environmental awareness, conservation and safety.

Finally, leaders develop skills in the area of administration, including financial and volunteer management, planning and the understanding and implementation of policies.