Beaver Scout Uniform Hanger Craft

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Beaver Uniform Hanger Craft.png

This cute uniform hanger incorporates a clothes peg for hanging a Beaver’s uniform hat.



  • Felt in 2 tones of brown (body,tail, vest & hat band), blue (hat), pink (face) & white (teeth)
  • Cardstock or thin cardboard (cereal box, etc.)
  • Wire hanger
  • Wooden clothes peg
  • Googly eyes
  • Pompom nose
  • Glue gun & craft/fabric glue
  • Masking tape & black marker


Before the meeting

  1. Pre-cut all felt pieces (each hanger will need 2 body pieces and 1 tail from lighter brown; 1 each vest & hat band from darker brown, 1 wide heart-shaped pink face piece, 1 blue hat, 1 white teeth shape).
  2. Cut 1 body piece from cardboard for each hanger
  3. Pre-glue the body and tail to the hanger using a hot glue gun. Pieces should be assembled in the following order: Body back, tail, hanger cardboard body piece, body front.

At the meeting

  1. Each Beaver gets a hanger/body base plus pieces for the vest, face, hat, hat band & teeth. They glue the pieces to their body using craft/fabric glue (popsicle sticks make good glue spreaders).
  2. Googly eyes and pompom noses are added either with the craft glue or with the help of a leader using a hot glue gun.
  3. A clothes peg is added to the front chest of the hanger by a leader using a hot glue gun.

The Beaver can hang his or her uniform vest on the hanger, with the scarf around the neck fastened by the woggle. If the vest is unzipped a little, the uniform hat can be clipped on using the clothes peg, thus keeping all uniform pieces neatly together. The hanger’s beaver face will peek out above the scarf once everything is hung up.

Printable PDF version of instructions:

3EP Beaver Scout Hanger 20121122.jpg

(Thanks User:Bubbles75th!)