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[[Category:Beaver Scouts]]
[[Category:Beaver Scouts]]
==Program Goals==<ref>Adapted from [http://www.scouts.ca/media//documents/GenMeasuringSuccess.pdf MEASURING SUCCESS - THE SCOUTING WAY]</ref>
==Program Goals<ref>Adapted from [http://www.scouts.ca/media//documents/GenMeasuringSuccess.pdf MEASURING SUCCESS - THE SCOUTING WAY]</ref>==

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Program Goals[1]

Scouts Canada developed the Beaver Scouts program goals to correspond with early childhood education and development guidelines.

The Beaver Scouts Program places emphasis on activities which encourage Beavers to:

  • find examples of God's love for them and the world
  • experience and express love and joy
  • be healthy and have good feelings about themselves
  • develop a sense of belonging and sharing in small group activities
  • develop a sense of co-operation through non-competitive activities
  • appreciate nature

To help Beavers realize these goals, the program uses seven elements: games, crafts, storytelling, music, playacting, outdoors and spiritual fellowship. The Beaver Scouts program, through the seven elements, results in many positive Outcomes for members. Children across Canada participate in the Beaver Scouts program.


Active and co-operative games are vital elements in the Beaver Scouts program. In addition to providing a fun activity for Beavers, games play an important role in helping Beavers develop:

  • the ability and desire to co-operate and get along with others,
  • a personal commitment to caring and sharing with others,
  • a sense of fair play,
  • basic co-ordination skills and fitness levels.


Beavers love making creative crafts—it's their chance to let their imaginations flow. Crafts help Beavers develop self-confidence and pride in personal achievement. They also enhance basic fine motor co-ordination skills, and discover the joy of personal creative expression.

Music, Storytelling and Play Acting

Whether singing songs, listening to or telling intriguing and compelling stories, or acting in a hilarious skit, Beavers develop many important skills and positive attitudes. Our introduction to the creative arts helps Beavers discover a basic appreciation for music and drama. It also shows Beavers how to plan and work together as a team, and develops basic public speaking and presentation skills.


It's often said that Scouting is an educational organization, and the outdoors is our classroom. This is especially true in Beaver Scouts, where members enjoy hikes, nature walks, outdoor sleep-overs and family camps. These outdoor activities provide fun and adventure for Beavers, but they also help develop an interest and appreciation for the natural environment, and basic knowledge of flora, fauna, and ecosystems in their local setting.

Spiritual Fellowship

Duty to God is one of Scouting's fundamental principles, and all of our programs include a spiritual emphasis. Through songs, stories and interactive talks, Beavers commit to spiritual principles and discover how spirituality relates to being thoughtful and caring toward other people and nature.