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Camp Sylvan's natural resources include virgin Carolinian forest, marshes, creeks, pine plantations, fields, and hills. The Ausable River Valley is categorized as the second most important Carolinian botanical site in Middlesex County.

Throughout Sylvan, you can also observe evidence of prior occupation. Camp Sylvan is threaded with a variety of trails and footpaths, making it an ideal location for hikes, orienteering, map-reading, and GPS-related activities.

The Traverse Wall is a safe rock-climbing activity suitable for all ages. The holds must be installed on the wall prior to use. The geocaching activity is suitable for Scout-aged youth and older. You can book each activity on a half-day basis from the camp bookings website.

Adjacent to Camp Sylvan, the Thomas Tract provides an opportunity for your group to enjoy some of the most spectacular forest in all of Middlesex County, perhaps even all of Southern Ontario. It is a wonderful hiking destination from any of the sites at Camp Sylvan.

Administrative Support

The Southwestern Ontario Service Centre associated with Tri-Shores Council supports this property.

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