Campfire Songs

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PLEASE ADD SONGS in separate articles! (Be sure to add [[Category:Songs]] so others can find them.)

Song Articles

I’ve Got That Scouting Spirit
Alice the Camel
Beaver Gathering Song
Beaver Call
Feeding Beaver Song
File:Cub Scout Campfire Compilation.pdf
Swimming Pool
Duck Song
Elephant in the Attic
There Was A Crocodile Song
Grand Old Duke of York
Prairie Flower
Scout Vespers
I'm a Little Rocket
Campfire Songs
Beaver Song
I'm a Little Beaver
Kum Bah Yah
Land of the Silver Birch
Little Eager Beaver
Mighty Beavers
Stop, Drop and Roll (Song)
We Are Crazy
File:JS Cub Safety First Eng 17.pdf