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Level 1 Competencies

  1. I can collect small sticks for a campfire.
  2. I can follow directions while at camp.
  3. I can help pack a bag for camp.
  4. I can keep my camping gear neat and tidy.
  5. I can care for my basic personal gear on an overnight camp.
  6. I can explain the use of the buddy system at camp.
  7. I can describe the different emergency services in the camp area and how to call them.
  8. I can set out my sleeping area for good night’s sleep at camp.
  9. I have spent one night at camp.

Level 2 Competencies

  1. I can explain the importance of following directions at camp.
  2. I can list what personal gear to bring on an overnight camp.
  3. I can look after all my personal gear while at camp.
  4. I can explain what clothing to bring on an overnight camp.
  5. I can explain how to use Canada’s Food Guide at camp and help to plan a nutritious meal.
  6. I can describe safe food handling and hygiene at camp.
  7. I can help prepare food for cooking at camp and be safe while cooking at camp.
  8. I can get help if someone is hurt while at camp.
  9. I can get a weather forecast for a camp.
  10. I can identify the main parts of a tent. 2.11 I can help pitch a tent at camp.
  11. I behave safely around fires at camp. 2.13 I can identify and explain the elements of the fire triangle.
  12. I have spent two nights in a tent at camp.

Level 3 Competencies

  1. I can help others learn about camping.
  2. I can audit my personal gear for camp.
  3. I can pack a bag for camp.
  4. I can help plan a basic balanced meal for camp.
  5. I can demonstrate how to store food at camp.
  6. I can assist in cooking a meal at camp.
  7. I can be safe while cooking at camp.
  8. I can demonstrate first aid treatment for a minor cut or scratch at camp and explain how to prevent infection and describe the signs of infections.
  9. I can describe how weather can affect our camp. 3.10 I can discuss the seven principles of Leave No Trace.
  10. I can show how to pitch a tent (with help from others).
  11. I can make a hot drink on a campfire at camp. 3.13 I can clean up a fire area after camp.
  12. I have spent seven nights at camp.

Level 4 Competencies

Level 5 Competencies

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