Camping Skills Stage 1

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Camping Skills - Stage 1 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I can collect small sticks for a campfire.
    • Scouts can search for and return with some dry sticks for starting a campfire.
    • Scouts can separate tinder, lightweight sticks and logs.
  2. I can follow directions while at camp.
    • Scouts can demonstrate the ability to successfully follow simple instructions.
  3. I can help pack a bag for camp.
    • Scouts can assist with the packing of a bag for camp.
    • Scouts can unpack their bags and then re-pack them, explaining what they are doing.
  4. I can keep my camping gear neat and tidy.
    • Scouts can demonstrate in a camp setting how to keep things tidy to maintain safety and comfort. Scouts can describe what would happen in adverse weather conditions if their gear was left untidy.
  5. I can care for my basic personal gear on an overnight camp.
    • Scouts can explain how to check the condition of basic personal gear and show how to care for it.
    • Scouts can explain the impact on their safety if their gear is not working (for example, if the batteries in their flashlight are not fresh).
  6. I can explain the use of the buddy system at camp.
    • Scouts can describe the buddy system and how and why it is important to use at camp.
  7. I can describe the different emergency services in the camp area and how to call them.
    • Scouts can demonstrate how to call emergency services when an accident takes place on a camp.
    • Scouts can explain the information they will need to provide to the emergency responder.
  8. I can set out my sleeping area for good night’s sleep at camp.
    • Scouts can demonstrate how to roll out a sleeping bag, pillow and sleeping mat and show that their sleeping area is organized and tidy.
  9. I have spent one night at camp.
    • Scouts have attended their first camp (possibly the ‘family camp’ described in BP&P).