Camping Skills Stage 8

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Camping Skills - Stage 8 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I have mentored someone else who was responsible for planning and leading a camp.
    • Scouts have mentored another Scout who was successful in completing the Stage 6 requirement to plan a camp.
  2. I can source, compare and organize transportation options for local and foreign locations.
    • Scouts can demonstrate a capability of seeking information by a number of sources. Scouts can organize the transport to and from the campsite.
  3. I can describe an expedition plan and how the needs of participants have been met in its development.
    • Scouts can plan, organize and run a camping expedition so that everyone will find the camp both fun and challenging.
  4. I can prepare for a specialized expedition.
    • Scouts can plan and organize expeditions that require special skills (e.g. mountaineering, snowshoeing or canoeing), adding whatever skills necessary to their existing skills set.
  5. I can make recommendations to improve group equipment for various camp types.
    • Scouts can share with other Scouts improvements that can be made to the existing group gear.
  6. I can determine if specialized training is required for camp activities.
    • Scouts can explain the need to obtain specific training to safely participate in an activity.
  7. I can use knowledge of weather patterns to change activities as required at camp.
    • Scouts can recognize the signs of upcoming weather and adapt plans the group may have to accommodate the weather conditions.
    • This may require changing the venue for the event or changing the activity altogether.
  8. I have spent 36 nights on various types of camps.
    • Scouts have spent at least six of the 36 nights while completing this stage.