Camping Skills Stage 9

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Camping Skills - Stage 9 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I can source amenities and local places of interest for various camp types.
    • Scouts can demonstrate a capability to seek information by a number of sources.
    • Before the camp, Scouts can research information on the local shops, places to eat, hospital, religious services, etc. that other Scouts can be availed of on camp.
    • Scouts can conduct research into what in the locality of the campsite is of historical, artistic or geographical interest.
  2. I can budget, prepare and manage every aspect of a camping expedition.
    • Scouts can demonstrate how to prepare a budget and manage that budget over a camping activity to achieve a break-even situation.
    • Scouts can run or assist in preparing and managing at least three camping adventures.
  3. I have acted as the outing leader on at least two camping expeditions.
    • Scouts have led at least two camping expeditions, which are to be at least four days long.
  4. I can plan and execute camping expeditions in all types of locations and regions, including internationally.
    • Scouts can run, in conjunction with others, successful camps and expeditions no matter the factors impinging on possible success or failure.
    • Scouts can plan at least one camping expedition in a far-away part of Canada or internationally.
  5. I am able to source local training required for the specific camp or activity.
    • Scouts can locate appropriate training providers to gain the necessary knowledge to safely participate or carry out an activity.
  6. I have spent 42 nights on various types of camps.
    • Scouts have spent at least six nights camping while completing this stage.