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Through personally-directed research, Cubs develop a positive attitude and knowledge about Canada's diversity, including past and first settlers. [1]


Do any seven of the following requirements:

  1. Learn a Canadian folksong and its origins, and then sing it with your six or pack.
  2. Make a scrapbook about a famous Canadian, telling when he or she lived, and what his or her accomplishments were.
  3. Learn a Canadian legend or folktale. Tell it to your six or pack.
  4. Do either (a) or (b):
    • (a) Visit another part of Canada and make a collection of things that you see there. Present your collection to your six or pack
    • (b) Make a presentation about a city in Canada other than where you live. How big is it? When was it founded? What is it famous for? What is Canada like near that city? Hint: Write to the Chamber of Commerce or Tourism Board to get answers.
  1. Visit a local museum. Draw a picture of some of the exhibits or things you see. Show your pictures to your six or pack, and tell them what you liked about the museum and what you learned from visiting it.
  2. Tell your six or pack about a cultural group in Canada. What are their traditions? What languages does the group speak? How has this cultural group contributed to Canada's culture?
  3. Make a presentation about Aboriginal people in Canada. Meet with an Aboriginal person if possible, to learn more about the history, traditions and contributions of local Aboriginal people.
  4. Contact a Cub in another part of Canada. Ask the Cub what Canada is like there and what the people like to do.
  5. Draw or trace a simple map of Canada, showing the provinces and territories, capital cities, and other main features you can discover.
  6. Learn the Wolf Cub Promise, Law and Grand Howl in another language of your choice.

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