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Last player remaining wins.
Last player remaining wins.
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(Or, if you prefer, "Chair Dodgeball".)



One chair per participant. One soft ball (or more).

The Players

Divide players (4 or more) in to two equal times.

One game master is needed.

Set Up

Line up half the participants arms length side-by-side, standing in front of their assigned chair, facing the opponents.

The Objective

Get your opponents out by hitting their chair with the ball.

Stay alive by blocking incoming balls.

The Rules

Stay in front of your chair. (Note that your chair can get moved by the game master!) You cannot throw unless you are within a half pace of you chair.

If you touch your chair in any way, you are out!

If your chair is hit by a ball, you are out!

The Game Play

As chairs are hit, either by tossed balls or players accidentally touching their own chair, the chair and its player is removed.

Balls must be tossed to the opposed side only.

The game master watches for ball hits and accidental chair touches. The game master also can move chairs around (often when the player is not paying attention). The chairs can also be moved to the opposite side, to keep sides approximately equal.

The Winner

Last player remaining wins.