Chair of the Board of Governors

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The Chair of the Board of Governors is responsible for guiding and directing Scouts Canada’s governance process, facilitating the Board’s work, and maintaining strong focus on the organization’s strategic direction.

The Chair of the Board chairs all meetings of the Members and all meetings of the Board. The Chair of the Board encourages the Board’s role in strategic planning and helps guide Board actions relating to organizational priorities and governance. In collaboration with the National Key 3, the Chair of the Board establishes agendas for all Board meetings and supports effective management of organizational performance. Additionally, the Chair works to ensure continuous development of Board knowledge and capability by taking a lead role in orienting new Board members and maintaining a focus on ongoing professional development.

The Chair of the Board position requires a significant time commitment. This includes participation in four Board of Governors meetings per year in addition to acting as a representative of Scouts Canada at local Scouting events and in meetings with stakeholders and partners.


The Chief Commissioner and Chair of the Board of Governors roles were separated temporarily in April of 2014 with a permanent change being passed in November of 2014. Interestingly enough, this was not the first time such a change was made. *Need assistance in identifying the last occurrence

Past Chairs

Individual From To
Steve Kent November 2008 November 2012
Andrew Price November 2012 April 2014
J Anderson November 2014 Present