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The Chief Commissioner acts as the key Scouts Canada volunteer, providing leadership and motivation to all members of Scouts Canada.

The Chief Commissioner serves as both Chair of the Board of Governors and a member of the National Key 3. The Chief Commissioner represents Scouts Canada internally and externally, both nationally and internationally. He/she supports execution of Scouts Canada’s operating plans for member recruitment and retention.

The Chief Commissioner chairs meetings of the Board and all meetings of the Members while also serving as Co-Chair of the National Leadership Team. Serving as a familiar face for Scouts Canada to the Scouting membership, the Chief Commissioner corresponds with youth, parents, leaders, and other Scouting supporters.

The Chief Commissioner position requires a significant time commitment. This includes participation in eight Board of Governors / National Leadership Team meetings per year, the Annual Conference, major Scouting activities such as Jamborees and public events, in addition to engagement with local groups across Canada. The Chief Commissioner should be able to commit approximately 8 days per month to the role.

The Chief Commissioner and Chair of the Board of Governors roles were separated temporarily in April of 2014 with a permanent change being passed in November of 2014 and the National Commissioner role introduced in place of the Chief Commissioner role.

Past Commissioners

Full Name From To
Andrew Price November 2012 April 2014
Steve Kent November 2008 November 2012
Glenn Armstrong November 2005 November 2008
Mike Scott 2002 November 2005