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== Files ==
== Files ==
* [[:File:Step_1_to_Chief_Scout_Award.pdf|Step 1 to Chief Scout Award]]
* [[Media:Step_1_to_Chief_Scout_Award.pdf|Step 1 to Chief Scout Award]]
* [[:File:Step_2_to_Chief_Scout_Award.pdf|Step 2 to Chief Scout Award]]
* [[Media:Step_2_to_Chief_Scout_Award.pdf|Step 2 to Chief Scout Award]]
* [[:File:Step_3_to_Chief_Scout_Award.pdf|Step 3 to Chief Scout Award]]
* [[Media:Step_3_to_Chief_Scout_Award.pdf|Step 3 to Chief Scout Award]]

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In earning this pinnacle award for Scouts, they develop superior knowledge and skills in Citizenship, Leadership, Personal Development and Outdoor Skills areas. [1]


  1. Successfully complete the Pathfinder Scout Requirements.
  2. Be current in First Aid Standard level, or demonstrate the equivalent attiudes, skills, and knowledge as judged by a "Qualified Instructor of First Aid".
  3. Have earned at least 1 Challenge Badge in each of the 7 Challenge Badge Categories: Athletics, Outdoors, Science & Technology, Home & Family, Personal Development, Culture & Society, and Environment.
  1. Hold the (being phased out) World Conservation Award or (new) World Scout Environment Award.
  2. Investigate Scouts Canada's involvement in World Scouting. Present your findings in an intereting way to your Patrol, Troop, or other group. Your prsentation should include information on the following:
    1. Scouts Canada's involvement with:
      • the Canadian Scout Brotherhood Fund;
      • world jamborees; and
      • the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).
    2. The purpose and location of the World Scouting Bureau; and
    3. The current World Scouting membership, and how Canada's membersip compares to that of other countries.
  3. Develop yourself further in each activity area by:
    1. Designing a challenging program with a Scouter which includes the requirement to excel in a component of each activity area (Citizenship, Leadership, Personal Development, and Outdoor Skills). Citizenship must include providing at least 30 hours of leadership to others.
      Note: These hours are in addition to the hours required for the Citizenship Activity Area. If at all possible, provide the service outside of Scouting.
    2. Offering your plans and goals for discussion, and approval to your Court of Honour and Troop Scouter prior to the beginning.
    3. Reporting to, and being evaluated by, the Court of Honour and Troop Scouter on your ongoing progress.

Program Suggestions

Adult Recognition Award

Leaders that have earned this award as a youth are entitled to wear the Adult Recognition Award on their uniform.