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The role of the Chief Scout is to actively represent Scouts Canada nationally and internationally, attend Scouting events including Jamborees and national award ceremonies, interact with members, promote Scouting with the public and inspire Canada’s young people and adults to get involved in the Scouting Movement. The Chief Scout is a volunteer role and is served in two-year terms.

Canada’s Governor General has served as Scouts Canada’s Chief Scout since 1910. In 2009, Scouts Canada adopted the Action Plan for Canadian Scouting, which was a roadmap to enhance Scouting as a relevant, dynamic youth organization of the 21st century. The plan’s major elements included making learning and programming resources more accessible to volunteers, enhancing organizational capacity, achieving more meaningful youth involvement and enhancing Scouts Canada’s image. It was decided at that time to elevate the Governor General’s role to Patron Scout, where they will continue to play an honorary leadership role and redefine the Chief Scout role to be an active promoter of Scouting both with members and the general public.

In April 2013, the Scouts Canada Board of Governors announced the appointment of Terry Grant, best known as the star of the reality hit series, Mantracker, as the first person to assume the role of the renewed Chief Scout role[1].