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Scouts Canada Computer Badge Cub Book Page, revised 2001



Cubs learn computer knowledge and skills, with an emphasis on using computers productively and safely. [1]


  1. From the following list, identify three input devices, three output devices, two storage devices and one processing device. Briefly explain the function of each:
    • CPU (central processing unit), Monitor, CD-ROM, RAM, Keyboard, Tape drive, ROM, Hard drive, Scanner, Printer, Mouse, Digital camera, Disk drive, Joy stick, Speakers, Floppy disk, Modem
  2. Explain how to care for a computer and disks.
  3. Do either (a) or (b):
    • (a) List ten uses of computers in your home and/or school.
    • (b) Explain how computers are used in entertainment, education and business or visit a local business, community service or research organization that uses computers, and report on how they use computers in their activities. (Do not use video arcades.)
  4. The World Wide Web:
    • (a) Briefly explain what the World wide Web is.
    • (b) Using the World Wide Web with an adult, find a site that has information about a Cub badge or award. If you believe that other Cubs would benefit from this information, e-mail the URL to
  5. Explain the function of five commands in any computer application.
  6. Explain to a person who has never used a computer before how to start a computer, open an application, save work, shut down a program and turn off a computer.
  7. Do either (a) or (b):
    • (a) Write a story or report using word processing, doing all the revisions on a computer. Print the first draft and final revision. Explain how you made revisions.
    • (b) Using a computer, design a new Cub badge or camp crest. You may not use clip art.

Program Suggestions