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== Outcomes ==
== Outcomes ==

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Under the program revitalization effort of the Canadian Path, this article is no longer be applicable to the current program.
It remains here for reference purposes only.
For information on items replacing this topic, see Outdoor Adventure Skills Cooking.




Cubs learn outdoor and home cooking knowledge and skills, and learn how to safely cook nutritious meals under adult supervision. [1]


To earn the Cooking Badge, with the help of an adult, describe some safety rules for cooking on a stove, microwave, or around an open fire. Then, do any five of the following:

  1. Make some hot oatmeal.
  2. Cook a hotdog or hamburger.
  3. Use a tinfoil cup or orange half and bake, a muffin in it.
  4. Wrap a potato in tinfoil and bake it in a fire.
  5. Boil water and cook some pasta of your choice.
  6. Make pancakes or French toast.
  7. Make biscuit or bannock dough and cook it on a stick or in a cup.
  8. Cook a baked apple, banana, or a tinfoil dessert of your choice.
  9. Make a campfire treat, such as SMOR's or popcorn.
  10. Cook a meal of your choice while at camp.
  11. Make a shish-ka-bob of meat and vegetables and cook over a fire.
  12. Cook an egg.

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