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Crafts are an important aspect of Scouting. Try adding crafts that help toward badge and award requirements!

Please, feel free to add crafts to the Scouts Canada Wiki, just add [[Category:Craft]] to the text, so others can find it.

Crafts in Scouts Canada Wiki

Survival Cooking Stove
Vagabond Stove
T-shirt Bleach Designs
Clothes Pin Bats
Craft Stick Spider Web
Styrofoam Ball Puppets
Spoon, Plate and Popsicle People
Sponge Puppets
File:JS Cub Safety First Eng 3.pdf
Flower Pot
Cloth Bunny
Bird Feeders
Bedroom Box and Escape Plan
File:Beaver Uniform Hanger Craft.pdf
Beaver Scout Uniform Hanger Craft
Beaver Mask