Emergency Aid Skills Stage 6

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Emergency Aid Skills - Stage 6 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I have participated in and successfully completed a Standard First Aid with CPR (Level C) course or a Marine Basic First Aid with CPR (Level C), from a recognized provider.
    • Recognized providers include:
      • the Canadian Red Cross Society
      • St. John Ambulance
      • the Lifesaving Society
      • the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
      • Canadian Ski Patrol
  2. I have acted as an Emergency Response/Preparedness resource on at least one Scouting activity.
    • Scouts can participate as a resource on campout, jamboree or any other event where a large group or Patrol is present.
  3. I can explain the different classes of fires, and how to use different types of fire extinguishers.
  4. I have met with a member of a community-based emergency response team and discussed his or her role and responsibilities in my community (e.g. search and rescue, police, fire, ambulance, coast guard, etc.).
    • Scouts can arrange for a community-based emergency response team member to visit a Scout meeting or for a Patrol to travel and meet with the response team member.
  5. I can identify common poisonous plants in my area and I know how to treat exposure and symptoms.
    • Scouts can demonstrate their poisonous plant knowledge to a group of Scouts.
  6. I have acted as a member of a first aid team on at least one outdoor activity.
    • Scouts can be a designated first aid provider on a Scout outing for a minimum of four days. This service does not have to be at one outing.