Emergency Aid Skills Stage 7

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Emergency Aid Skills - Stage 7 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I have successfully completed an outdoor curriculum first aid course.
    • Scouts can attend one of the following:
      • Advanced Wilderness & Remote First Aid course (Canadian Red Cross)
      • Wilderness First Aid Level III course (St. John Ambulance)
      • Wilderness First Responder — from commercial vendor
      • or equivalent certification level from a recognized provider
  2. I respond to emergency situations and follow best practices for first aid, as per whatever first aid certification I hold.
    • Scouts can maintain their first aid skill and certification competence by:
      • attending a renewal course
      • participating in first aid scenarios
      • being a first aider at events
      • reviewing course manuals
  3. I have prepared and maintain a 72–96 hour home emergency kit.
    • Scouts should create this emergency kit with their families.
  4. I have filled out Scouts Canada Outdoor Activity application for at least three Scout group events.
    • Scouts are to ensure they consider participants, including Scouters, are:
      • in the Right Place,
      • at the Right Time,
      • with the Right People
      • and with the Right Equipment
  5. I have acted as a first aider on at least four occasions during single-day group outings or two standard weekend camps.
    • Scouts duties include preparing the first aid kit, treating any injuries and properly following-up on any incidents.
  6. I have acted as an emergency preparedness and management support for at least one weekend standing camp or two Area events.
    • Scouts in this role are to be under the direct supervision of an adult Scouter.
  7. I can use can use a variety of communication devices effectively in an emergency situation. I have participated in a session on correct use of radio communications and protocols (ARES).
    • Scouts know how to use a variety of emergency communication devices, such as:
      • satellite phone,
      • Spot device,
      • InReach device,
      • Personal Locator Beacon,
      • VHF/UHF/CB radio,
      • marine radio,
      • Emergency Position Indicator Radio Beacon (EPIRB).
  8. I have met with a member of a community-based search and rescue emergency response team and discussed his or her role and responsibilities in my community.
    • Scouts have arranged for this response team member to meet with a Scout Group.
  9. I have participated in a wilderness search and rescue operation (training or real).
    • Scouts can spend at the minimum of one days’ time in a SAR operation.
  10. I know what specialized equipment is required in my field first aid kit based upon my activities, skill level, certification and how to use and care for the equipment.
    • Scouts can present their kit to their Patrol for review.