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Explore the fields of engineering.

Some of the fields of engineering are: aeronautical, aerospace, architectural, civil, computer, electrical, marine, mechanical, meteorological, and mining.


Complete one of the following.

  1. Visit an industrial plant, an electricity generating plant, a food processing or packing plant, a sewage treatment plant, a mine or another centre of engineering activity. Report on the visit, the equipment used, the end product of the process, and the good it does for the community. Include sketches, photos if possible, and a model or mock-up of the process to show that you understand the basic ideas involved. Detail what safety devices and regulations you noticed during your visit.
  2. Show how to work and repair any one of the motor power energy sources such as internal combustion engines gasoline or diesel; turbine drives; steam engines; rockets; or electric, wind, or water drives. Discuss the engineering principles involved and show that you have a good knowledge of the safety measures required for the energy source you are working with.
  3. As a draftsperson, show that you can make scale drawings in third angle, orthographic projection (three views of simple pieces of machinery or machine parts). Properly finish the drawings with border, title, and views described. Show examples of tracings you have done of an electrical or electronic circuit, an architectural drawing, or an engineering drawing. Discuss the merits of the various ways of copying these drawings for further use.

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