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Extreme Adventure offers the opportunity for young men and women from 14 - 17 years of age, to plan and participate in one or more of a variety of short-term adventure-based activities.

The types and duration of adventures are limited only by the imagination and skills of the participants and leaders.

Some typical adventures include hiking expeditions along historic trails; cycling tours; extended water-based trips; adventure racing (canoeing, kayaking); inter-provincial and international travel; snowshoeing; attending major events like jamborees; long term camping excursions; or travelling to other countries to participate in humanitarian projects.

A significant aspect of any expedition is the planning, logistics and training required to acquire the skills necessary for your adventure. Depending upon the activity, you may need to develop skills in first aid, canoeing, kayaking, map and compass, or a variety of other outdoor-related skills prior to the actual event. In fact, the training is part of the adventure and a lasting legacy of your experience.

There will also be an emphasis on working in teams and developing group skills. These skills will be transferable to all other aspects of life.

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