Family Care Challenge Badge

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Show an interest in personal responsibility for your family.


  1. Show that you are able to look after yourself. your home, and your family for a short period of time.
    1. Be able to safely operate the appliances in your home; example stove, microwave, oven, vacuum, washing machine, etc.
    2. Be able to plan, purchase, and prepare a meal
    3. Keep your home neat and clean.
  2. Explain and be able to carry out the daily routine of running your family home, ie. wake-up time, meal time, family chores, bed time, etc.
  3. Because family sickness may be the reason for you to have to look after the home, show also that you have a general knowledge of looking after people who are sick, the principles of personal cleanliness, and home sanitation.

Note: Satisfactory completion of a "Babysitting Course" or a "Home Nursing" course will qualify you for this badge.

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