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Makes a great springtime or Mother's Day craft.


Estimated Time

Prep: 5 min

Painting: 15 min

Cleanup: 2 min

Materials Needed

  1. Table covering
  2. Paint brushes
  3. Paint
    • Waterbased is best for easy clean up, but make sure you seal the pots afterwards so that the paint doesn't bubble when you add a plant to the pot.
  4. Sealant (optional)
  5. Cointainers to hold paint
    • paper/plastic plates work well
  6. Terracotta pots
    • If working with older kids & Acrylic paint, plastic pots would also work
  7. Planting Soil
  8. Something to plant in the soil (seeds or seedling)



  1. Cover the table unless you would like it redecorated
  2. Pour paint into enough containers that the beavers won't be painting each other in order to reach them
  3. Find enough non-crispy paintbrushes and lay them out with the paint
    • You can make a rule for paint brushes staying with their colour containers in order to avoid rinsing the brushes in between


  1. Gather Beavers and talk about upcoming holiday (mothers day) or how things grow in the springtime
  2. Make sure to write each Beaver's name on the interior of the pot (where the dirt will go) so you can tell them apart once they've been painted
  3. Set everyone up at the covered table with paint and paint brushes
  4. When youth have completed their painting, set pots somewhere out of the way to dry
  5. Depending on the type/amount of paint used, you may have to let them sit until the next week before planting anything


  1. Probably a good idea to put a table covering down for easy cleanup again
  2. Make sure paint is dry before beginning
  3. Plant seeds/seedlings according to instructions on seed package


  1. Have a game on the other side of the room for when Beavers are done painting/washing their hands