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Group Cubs into Sixes or evenly numbered teams with a leader attached to that group acting as the "home port".

Each team is assigned a different "colour" home port (base) with the following 12 ships:

  • 2 BATTLESHIPS (Battleship sinks Destroyer)
  • 4 DESTROYERS (Destroyer sinks Submarine)
  • 6 SUBMARINES (Submarine sinks Battleship)


  1. Cubs can ask for one ship (card) of their own colour at a time (from their home port)
  2. Cubs run into the centre of the game area and battle a ship of another colour by tagging another Cub.
  3. Winner takes the loser's ship (card) and returns to home port with it (turned in to leader at home port).
  4. Loser goes back to home port and gets another ship (card), if available.
  5. Cubs can fo back to home port at any time to trade ships (either with leader or other Cub).
  6. Home port is a safe area - cannot be tagged and battled.
  7. Game ends when the first team is out of all its ships (cards)
  8. The team with the most ships (of all colours, including their own) at the end of the game wins.


Ship cards (Blue, Red, Yellow) - PDF format

Ship cards (Blue, Red, Yellow) - Microsoft Word format