Game - Cub Promise Relay Race

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Divide the Cubs in equal sized groups of six or so. (May depend on how many obstacle courses you can set up, as you will need one per "team".)

Place a group of cards of one word each, face down, that make up the entire Cub Promise at one end of the hall.

Set up an obstacle course, duplicated for each group participating. Add silly tasks, such as stacking cups, sorting containers or putting stickers on a seated leader, along the way. (Of course, any program oriented tasks could also work, such tying specific knots, but be prepared to assist.)

One Cub per team is permitted through the course and may return with only one card, chosen without examination.

The first team to complete a line of the promise "wins"!


As with other promise assembly games, Cubs could potentially be working on the same line and therefore never win. Oversee and encourage switching lines if appropriate.

Things can be drawn out one random word at a time, so speed it up with bonus word cards if certain tasks are completed with particular or peculiar skill. Also all 1-for-2 trades (after going through the course, of course.)

Cubs could use this an an opportunity to design their own obstacle course to complete Red Star B3.