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A running response game that will (hopefully) get the participants thinking about what to do if lost.

The game leader will yell out one of the following words and the player perform the following actions:

Pretend to hold a telephone; yell "Tell someone!"
Run to the north end of the meeting area.
Run to the south end of the meeting area.
Run to the east end of the meeting area.
Run to the west end of the meeting area.
Yell "Stop, Think, Observe, Plan!"
Rub belly; yell, "Yum, yum!"
Cross index finger into an "X"; yell, "No thanks!"
Stand with arms above head; yell, "Go away!"
Put hands in front by waste, walk slowly backwards; whisper "Back away slowly..."
Curl into a ball on the ground.
On hands and knees, pretend to drink from a stream.
Sit down, pretend to wrap an injured hand with gauze; yell "First Aid!"
Whistle (as best you can). Do not use a signal whistle, only yourself, this is a just a game!
Look up and wave; yell "Down here!"

Shout these commands out at random, or read out a story like this one:

I went on a hike on a trail north of my home.

I did plan ahead and let someone know where I was going and when I'd be back.

It was a nice day, so I decided to explore a stream west into the woods.

It had clear, clean water with apple trees and wild mushrooms on the ground.

I lost my way and tried to go east to find the trail, but couldn't.

I ran out of water and it started getting dark and I had to STOP.

I was worried about about a bear attack, as black bears did live in the area.

Fortunately, I didn't need to worry about grizzly bears in this area.

Should I make a shelter? Start a fire? Go get some water?

Maybe eat some apples or mushrooms?

If I headed south or east, could I get out before dark?

I better not, as I might get an injury if I tried to hike through the woods.

Search and rescue would start looking for me in the morning, starting on the trail from the south to the north, hopefully they would see where I left the trail and headed west.

So, I better make a shelter and get ready to spend the night in the woods.

I best be visible to a helicopter as well as ground search and rescue.

If any black bears or other animals make noises through the night, I will yell back.

I will be found soon.

Hold a discussion afterwards. Do all of these actions always make sense? Is it always wise to try to scare away wild animals? Should you drink directly from a stream?

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