Game - Shere Khan's Steak

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Something to be a Steak (eg: a Scarf, ball etc)

Play Conditions

To play this game you just need a flat area and enough cubs (say 15+) to make it worthwhile.

Playing and Rules

Send one cub out of the room. This cub is Shere Khan (the tiger)

Form the rest of the cubs into a circle and have them hold hands.

While the cub is out of the room, choose a cub from the circle to be Mowgli, the hunter. Make sure that Shere Khan doesn't know who he is.

Put an item (scarf, small ball or rubber doggie-steak) in the centre of the circle. This is the bait for Shere Khan.

Call Shere Khan back in. He needs pace around the outside of the circle and decide where to break it. He does this by un-joining the hands of two cubs. Once inside, Shere Khan will need to take the steak and escape back out of the hole he came through.

Mowgli is not allowed to move until Shere Khan picks up the steak. Shere Khan may try to get Mowgli to reveal himself by bumping the steak. Knowing who is Mowgli will help Shere Khan plan the best route out of the circle.

If Shere Khan escapes out of the circle with the steak, the he wins. If Mowgli catches (tips) Shere Khan before he can escape, then Mowgli wins.

Nobody else is allowed to interfere with Shere Khan, only Mowgli but they can confuse him by appearing to move when the steak is touched (so long as they don't let go of hands).

Choose different cubs to be Mowgli and Shere Khan each time.


If Mowgli is having trouble catching Shere Khan, you might want to add a second Mowgli. One fun twist to do at the very end of the game is to make everyone Mowgli.