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The object of the game is to collect all the words required to make one of the following Cub promises, which are all very similar:


Canada - Cub Scout Promise:

I promise to do my best
To love and serve God, to do my duty to the Queen;
To keep the law of the Wolf Cub pack,
And to do a good turn for somebody every day.

United Kingdom - Cub Scout Promise:

I promise that I will do my best,
To do my duty to God and to the Queen,
To help other people
And to keep the Cub Scout Law.

Australia - Cub Scouts Promise:

(Optional line 4 “To the Queen of Australia”, but we’ll use the short form for this game.)

On my honour
I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to my God, and
To Australia
To help other people, and
To live by the Cub Scout Law

United States of America - Cub Scout Promise:

I promise to do my best
To do my duty to God and my country,
To help other people, and
To obey the Law of the Pack.

How to get pieces

Start: The game starts with each Six getting 20 words at random. Some words are rare and needed, other words may not be important at all. Cubs must stay in their lairs (six area) during the game, although one may come out at a time to earn more words or trade with another six.

Earn More Words: One Cub at a time may go to a game leader and request additional words. To earn them, they might be asked to answer a skill testing Cub related question. If not answered correctly, the Cub can look up the answer in their Cub Book or see if someone else in their Six knows the answer.

Trade Words with Leaders: Cubs can “blind trade” unwanted words for randomly picked new words with a game leader. Remember, only one Cub at a time can leave the lair.

Trade Words with other Cubs: Words can be traded with other sixes, but only if they want to trade what they have. Perhaps one Six has a lot of unneeded words they wish to trade for one they do need, or they have an extra valuable word that to trade for several others. The Cubs decide what a trade is worth and if they want to trade.

Game Preparation

Print off this list of words The Cub Promise Game - Word List and cut them out individually.

There are enough words printed to make each promise exactly once. Some words have been printed with extras and a few words have been added for fun.

Here are the original printable instructions for the game: The Cub Promise Game Instructions. Print one off for each leader helping and one copy for each six playing.