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During March 27 - April 2, 2011, Scouts Canada is inviting you to take part in our second "Pass on a 'Good Turn' Campaign".

What is a "Good Turn?"

A good turn is defined simply as an act of kindness provided without expectation for compensation or recognition. It's small acts of kindness like this that do so much towards promoting a sense of community, citizenship, and friendliness and compassion in our world. Join in on the movement!

The Good Turn Campaign

In February, Area representatives within Scouting will provide every registered member a colourful wrist band containing the phrase "Pass on this GOOD TURN".

During the campaign week of March 27- April 2, 2011 we would ask that every member "pass on" the wristband after completing a "Good Turn" and ask the recipient to continue to "pass on" a "Good Turn".

Here are some examples of Good Turns you can pass on if you receive a wristband from another person!

volunteering at your local food bank helping an elderly neighbour shovel snow making soup for a sick friend helping to maintian community centres treating a friend to lunch helping a friend with homework Don't let the list stop here, make sure you take any opportunity you can to do good for others, and don't forget to pass on the wrist band and do your part to inspire others to continue our long chain of good turns!

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