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Greater Toronto Crest



The Greater Toronto Council is one of the Scout Councils that comprise the 20 Councils of Scouts Canada. Of the 20, The Greater Toronto Council is the largest of the 8 Councils that operate within Ontario.

Council Key 3

The Current Key 3 of the Greater Toronto Council are Council Commissioner Edward Zuber, Council Youth Commissioner Grace Lee and Council Executive Director Jason Hoffman

Council Service Team

DCC - Child and Youth Safety: Vacant
DCC - Camping and Outdoor Programs: Roderick Barrie
DCC - Program Revitalization: Charles Johnstone
DCC - Property: Tom Gifford
DCC - Recognition: Geoff Ellis (Interim)
DCC - Training: Stephen Yiu
DCC - Marketing, Fundraising and Community Events: Patricia Sparks

Council Youth Service Team

DCYC - Marketing, Fundraising and Community Events: Jake Forsyth
DCYC - Recognition: Geoffrey Ellis & Patrick Sherlock
DCYC - Program: Spencer Julien

Council Key Volunteers

Popcorn Coordinator - Craig Latto
Apple Day - Tom Gifford
Scouts Tracker Administrator - Catrina Knapp
Deputy Electoral Officer - Patricia Sparks

Area's of the Council

The Greater Toronto Council is split into 10 Areas: The Humber West Area, The Alders Area, The Old Mill Area, The Willow Valley Area, The Skyline Area, The Sunnybrook Area, The Seton Area, The Agincourt Area, and The Scarborough Area.

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