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The word Group in Canadian scouting (often referred to as a Local Group) refers to a chartered organization in a defined location which runs one or more sections of Scouts.

Several Groups will be part of an Area and many Areas together make up a Council. A Group is run by a Group Committee, with a Group Commissioner and Group Youth Commissioner taking primary leadership roles.

Each Group will have a Group Committee led by a Group Commissioner selected or elected, then appointed by the Area Commissioner, to ensure that the section leaders receive the appropriate service and support necessary to develop and conduct a quality program and achieve Scouts Canada’s Program Standards.


Group committee members will be clearly focused on the following:


  • Help section leaders deliver quality programs
  • Motivate and support Scouters
  • Recognize and thank section Scouters
  • Coach and mentor section Scouters
  • Provide training and development opportunities


  • Recruit volunteers
  • Recruit youth members


  • Critical administration including risk management and finance
  • Fundraising