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A stub is any article that does not provide enough information to educate the reader, but has some information for other editors to expand upon.



Charecteristics of a stub

Not all short articles are stubs. Read the following carefully before adding a stub tag. So, is the intended article...

...incomplete or missing information?
...gramatically incorrect?
...full of spelling errors?
...relied solely off a user related too close to the subject?

All of these examples could be fixed editing the page yourself, but what if your group meeting starts in two minutes? That’s when you add a stub tag.

Stub tags

Adding a stub tag

To add a stub tag, simply type {{stub| followed by a category that this article is a part of. Finish it off with two closing brackets (}}). Remember, all stub tags should be at the end of the page, after the [[Category: ... ]] tags.

Removing a stub tag

To remove a stub tag, simply remove the {{stub| ... }} code and verify that your article does not meet any of the characteristics listed above.