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To create in a Cub Scout a positive feeling of family and community responsibility, as well as personeal self-reliance through opportunities to develop home care skills and knowledge about various community services. The Home and Community Activity Area has three goals:

  • To provide support to the Cub Scouts's family by teaching skills related to home care, safety and maintenance.
  • To explore and appreciate the challenges facing disabled people in the community.
  • To explore what services are needed to support a community, and how a person would gain access to these services if required.

The Home and Community Activity Area provides opportunities for children to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and their family. Pride in their community instills important values for participating in community affairs as adults. The Activity Area comprises the Blue Star, the Home and Community Badges and the Canadian Family Care Award. The following briefly describes each of these levels.


The Blue Star provides an introduction to home care and community exploration. It is aimed at youth who have limited experience helping out at home, getting around their neighborhood, or with community services. Learning how to be responsible gives a source of pride and self-reliance, especially after a youth receives positive recognition for the effort. Some Cubs may already be familiar with their community through school trips or other group outings; when tied into badge work, however, the visit becomes a unique trip.


The badges interrelate by helping Cubs learn to support their family.