ImpACT 2012

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impACT 2012 is Scouts Canada's first National Youth Conference in over ten years. It was held from October 11-14, 2012 at Camp Samac in Oshawa Ontario. Youth from across the country gathered here to learn about Social Justice, Creating Safe Spaces, learn about Environmental Principles and connect with members of Scouting from the ages of 14 to 26! The participants engaged in service projects in the Oshawa community, including a garbage clean up on the grounds of Samac, a food drive as well as serving food at a local soup kitchen. Attendees were given the opportunity to plan and present their own ideas for how to impact their communities.

The tagline of the event was Make Your Mark, the logo was a red boot print.

A team of youth from coat to coast assisted in planning the event. The event chair was Megan Drodge and Vice Chair was Rachel Northey.

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